Clare & Mark – Casita Miro waiheke wedding

Casita Miro Restaurant on beautiful Waiheke Island is renowned for its ambiance, fine food and wines, they specialise in the cuisine of Spain and the wider Mediterranean Rim and take enormous pleasure in sharing their love for fine food, wine and sherry. Clare and Mark newly engaged, visited for lunch and knew they had fond their wedding location. Not your typical venue Castia ticks all the boxes for me, gorgeous building with so much charter, west facing views for beautiful evening light. Oh and that food!!! Insert drop dead gorgeous bubbly bride Clare, her handsome beau Mark and there party going friends – and you have a perfect wedding!  The girls looked stunning in classic black Miss Crabb dreams dresses and the bride in Vinka. Lush flowers by local the flower gallery, wedding cake by their mums, and Hugh Mc Carroll got the dance full in full swing.

Huge thank you to Patty Lagera for shooting with me

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